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Check out the following listing of Bay Area-relevant online resources providing more in-depth support of your efforts in planning for the environment and people. The resource types include: (1) Conservation Mapping Tools, (2) Regional & State Conservation Plans, and (3) Natural and Agricultural Resources Data.

Have a resource you think we should include here? We focus on collecting other vetted conservation mapping tools with high resolution data that are most helpful to the environmental planning community. Submit your resource idea.



Resilience Program (Association of Bay Area Governments) - seeks to promote a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous region where our communities are prepared to withstand and quickly recover from the effects of earthquakes and natural hazards



InVEST (Natural Capital Project) (Stanford University) - a suite of free, open-source software models used to map and value ecosystem services provided by land- and seascapes

Modeling Bird Distribution Responses to Climate Change (California Avian Data Center) - a mapping tool that provides climate models and multi-source bird data to predict current and future species distributions for California terrestrial breeding bird species

Conservation Lands Network (Bay Area Open Space Council) - a vision, guide, and network to prioritize protection of 2 mil acres of the Bay Area’s upland habitats and rare landscapes for biodiversity conservation

Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) (Association of Bay Area Governments) - Bay Area open spaces that provide agricultural, natural resource, scenic, recreational, and/or ecological values and ecosystem functions

Future San Francisco Bay Tidal Marshes Planning Tool (Point Blue Conservation Science) - a climate-smart planning tool for making informed decisions about adaptation planning, restoration potential, and land acquisition given various sea-level rise and sedimentation scenarios in the SF Bay Estuary 



Local Advocacy Groups and Urban Agriculture Projects (University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources) - a list of various urban agriculture organizations and projects in California, listed by region

California Agricultural Tourism Directory (University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources) - a list of farms and organizations that offer agrotourism programs in California, listed by region 

Bay Area Urban Farming Resource Guide (University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources) - a list of resources, from research institutions to training opportunities, on urban farming in the Bay Area

Bay Area Food Landscapes (Sustainable Agriculture Education Center) - a PDF map of local agriculture in the Bay Area



Our Coast Our Future (OCOF) - a collaborative, user-driven project focused on providing coastal California resource managers and land use planners locally relevant, online maps and tools to help understand, visualize, and anticipate vulnerabilities to sea level rise and storms

Coastal Resilience  (The Nature Conservancy) - a program led by The Nature Conservancy to examine nature’s role in reducing coastal flood risk. The program consists of an approach, a web mapping tool, and a network of practitioners around the world supporting hazard mitigation and climate adaptation planning

Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (California Department of Water Resources) - a framework for sustainable management and use of groundwater that aim to empower local agencies to adopt Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) 

California Watershed Management Policy History - Major policy initiatives in California over the last 15 years that comprise the state’s framework for conducting state supported watershed management.

Flood Control 2.0 (San Francisco Estuary Institute & The Aquatic Science Center) - a toolbox that leverages local resources from several flood control agencies to reassess how ecological functions can be integrated into flood control design and management in the Bay Area

Vital Signs - Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) - a data visualization tool that explores historical trends of vulnerability to sea level rise in the Bay Area 

SF Bay Area Climate-Smart Watershed Analyst  (Point Blue Conservation Science and California Landscape Conservation Partnership) - an analysis tool that assesses historic climate and hydrology data and compare with modeled future scenarios, create graphs, and downloand climate-water summaries for specific watersheds. 

EcoAtlas (SF Estuary Institute) - provides access to information about the quantity and quality of California wetlands and enables integration of information to provide landscape context for consideration of wetland extent and condition



Vital Signs - Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) - a data visualization tool that explores historical trends of GHG emissions in the Bay Area

Vital Signs - Ozone Concentrations (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) -a data visualization tool that explores historical trends of ozone concentration in the Bay Area



Bay Area Trail Project (The SF Bay Trail) - a planned 500 mile walking and cycling around the entire San Francisco Bay Area

SF Bay Area Water Trail (State Coastal Conservancy and Association of Bay Area Governments) - a regional program that encourages non-motorized small boaters to safely enjoy the San Francisco Bay 

The Bay Area Ridge Trail (Bay Area Ridge Trail Council) - regional maps of hikes, trail runs, bike trails, and equestrian rides along the Ridge Trail

Community Fact Finder for Parks (California State Parks) - analyzes demographics and park acres within a half mile of a point that you define



Planting Healthy Air (The Nature Conservancy) - an interactive story map on the impacts of planting trees on reducing pollution and cooling the air 

Urban Displacement Project (UC Berkeley) - conducts community-engaged, data-driven, policy-relevant research to understand the nature of gentrification and displacement, and to generate knowledge on how policies and investments can work to create more equitable and inclusive cities

GreenPlan-IT (San Francisco Estuary Institute) - a GIS modelling and planning-level toolkit to aid municipalities in optimizing green infrastructure in their communities



Resilience Atlas (SFEI) - a compilation of science, visioning and data brought together to help communities successfully adapt and thrive in the face of climate change and other challenges, emphasizing past, present and future conditions

Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge - a collaborative design challenge bringing together local residents, public officials, and local, national, and international experts to develop innovative solutions that will strengthen our region's resilience to sea level rise, severe storms, flooding, and earthquakes

Adapting to Rising Tides - (Bay Conservation and Development Commission and NOAA) - a collaborative planning effort that provides staff support, guidance, tools and information to help agencies and organizations understand, communicate, and begin to resolve complex climate change issues

Cal-Adapt (Geospatial Innovation Facility) - an online database that offers a view of how climate change might affect California at the local level through visualization tools, data, and community sharing

The Climate Commons Climate Adaptation Data Catalog (California Landscape Conservation Partnership) - an online catalog that focuses on climate change data relevant to resource conservation in California 

California Climate Console (Conservation Biology Institute) - a web mapping application designed for exploring climate change projects, simulated impacts, and fuzzy logic (EEMS) model results for a specified area of interest



MTC Open Data Catalog (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) - a resource for local agencies and the public alike to access geographical data of regional information, such as transportation, demography, and policy

Vital Signs (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) - data visualization of environmental, social, and economic trends of the Bay Area

Plan Bay Area 2040 (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) - a roadmap to help Bay Area cities and counties plan for transportation needs and preserve the character of our diverse communities while adapting to the challenges of future population growth

General Plan Guidelines Data Mapping Tool - a statewide tool that draws on data sets from multiple sources, allowing users to incorporate local, regional, and statewide data as available into local general plans without cost



SF Bay Joint Venture Funding Opportunities - grants may be sorted by title, agency, deadline or category